Support for adoptive parents and children

A new national campaign, supported by Coram, unites regional and voluntary adoption agencies across the country to highlight the circle of support for adoptive parents.

The campaign, led by You Can Adopt, highlights the children who often wait longest to be adopted including those aged five or over, those with additional and/or complex needs, brother and sister groups, and those from Black and mixed heritage backgrounds.

Over half (59%) of children waiting for permanent homes are from these groups where it takes an average of eight months longer to be adopted.

While these children will need additional support, the power of family and a permanent home can be transformational for them. Lifelong support is available to help adopters on this rewarding journey.

You Can Adopt has also published new research as part of the campaign exploring parents’ support networks and the diverse meaning of family and community:

  • 85% believe community is important in raising a child
  • 60% have people they refer to as family outside of immediate family or blood relatives
  • 39% of parents found support from other parents invaluable when raising their child

Adopter stories

Explore real-life stories from those who have adopted and fostered children, and others who have been adopted themselves. The stories spotlight the various means of support available throughout the adoption journey from adoption agencies, social care workers, charities, employers, friends, relatives, peers, and more.

Sally and Arata's story

"Siblings should be together. I was fortunate to have been adopted with my twin brother... he was there for me and I was there for him." - Arata was adopted with her twin brother

When adopting a child from a different cultural heritage, it is important to ensure that your support system includes people who share their cultural identity.

When Sally adopted her daughter, Arata, alongside her brother, Lawei, of Caribbean descent, she built a network of support including her mother, peers and friends from the Caribbean community as well as members of the Church who are still a part of their lives today.

Find out how Coram Adoption supports African and Caribbean families

Ash and Graham's story

"We've got two seperate support networks - one of them supports Bill's additional needs and the other is a network of people who look after him." - Ash and Graham

Meet Ash and Graham from Durham, who adopted their little boy Bill, who has additional needs.

Adoption is a big decision, but there’s support available to guide you. The type of support needed varies for child and family, and there is a range of tailored support out there including therapeutic services for children with additional needs.

Pearl and Kierran's story

"If you need professional help then get professional help, there's no shame in it - that's what it's there for." - Pearl and Kierran

Pearl and her family - husband Errord, and birth sons Kierran and Pearce - adopted Amara. Adoption is a lifelong journey, that may involve ups and downs.

Support is available at any time, and an adoption agency will help you to find out more about the support available to you and your child. This may include training and education, counselling, and peer support groups. By adopting a child, you become part of a community of support that is there for you.

Coram's adoption support

Adoption support services are available for families and children at all different ages and stages of the adoption journey, from preparation to adopt to meeting children’s needs for the future. The Adoption Support Fund, set up by the Government, can provide access to therapeutic services for children and their parents, following an assessment of support needs. 

Coram provides lifelong support to its adoptive families, offering services including:

  • Parenting skills courses
  • Help with accessing education and health services
  • Access to therapeutic support

We also run free monthly online information events, with the next ones taking place on 11 July and 17 August.

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