What will my adoptive child be like?

No two children awaiting adoption are the same, but to help give you an idea, here are some profiles that illustrate the many different children we find families for.

PLEASE NOTE: While these profiles are based on the characteristics of many of the children who have been adopted, these profiles do not depict real children, and we have used stock imagery


Meet Tia and Mollie-Mae

Meet Reggie 

Meet Hassan 

Meet Layla

Meet Aymee and Joshua


Meet Tia and Mollie-Mae

Hi, we are Tia and Mollie-Mae, three-year-old and 18-month-old sisters of White British backgrounds.

“Hi, I’m Tia. I like gluing and sticking and playing with my foster carers’ cat. I would like to live in a family with my sister Mollie-Mae.”

Tia seems happy at nursery and enjoys gluing, sticking and learning songs and nursery rhymes. At home with her foster carers, she likes stroking their cat and they say she is very gentle with him.

Both Tia and Mollie-Mae were exposed to their birth mother’s alcohol misuse during pregnancy and afterwards, neglect and domestic violence. They appear physically well but will need monitoring and nurturing, especially as Tia’s adverse experiences mean that she finds it difficult to show emotion.

Tia currently goes to nursery two days a week where she can be shy, and sometimes a little reticent to engage with play and activities with adults or other children. Her foster carers say she likes bath time and stories before bed.

Mollie-Mae is developing well overall and meeting all her milestones. She enjoys eating, especially yoghurt and strawberries.

Their social worker says “Tia and Molly-Mae have virtual contact with their birth mother at the moment, and we will help prepare adopters for what this means going forward when she is placed with her forever family”.

Her foster carers say, “Tia is a kind girl who comes out of her shell with reassurance. She is very caring and protective of her sister and they would benefit from being placed together.”

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Meet Reggie

Hi, my name is Reggie. I am 10 months old. My mother is of Nigerian heritage and my father is of Black Jamaican origin.

“I love being read to, and hearing my favourite nursery rhymes.”

Reggie is an alert baby. He likes to be read to, and to hear nursery rhymes being sung to him as well as playing with toys that appeal to his senses, particularly toys that are colourful or that have different textures or sounds. He reacts well to his environment and loves going to the park.

He is a happy and contented baby and his carers say “he has an infectious giggle and laugh”. He enjoys close contact with them including lots of cuddles. 

Reggie is in good general health and all of his baby screening results are normal. His mother used cocaine and alcohol while she was pregnant with him but he displayed no physical signs of drug withdrawal at birth.

Like most babies of his age, Reggie tends to wake  early but often has a nap after breakfast as well as at lunchtime.

He is just starting to crawl and enjoys experimenting with finger food, especially pieces of apple and other fruit.

His social worker says: "Reggie currently has virtual contact with his mother and father, separately. We will support his adoptive parents to navigate this contact as Reggie grows up."

Meet Hassan

Hi, my name is Hassan. I am three years old and I have Pakistani British and White British heritage.

 “I am sociable and smiley. I enjoy pointing out objects in books and dancing to music.”

Hassan is an affectionate and sociable little boy with a lovely smile. He has lots of energy and needs plenty of stimulation or he can get bored and become unsettled. His carers say he can follow instructions well and loves to be given small responsibilities, such as ‘please can you put this toy away for me’.

He is very bright and enjoys books especially when an adult asks him to point out objects, which he can easily do, pointing and saying “there”. He doesn’t always want to sit still though, especially when there is music playing which makes him want to dance and sing. He loves going to soft play and anything to do with transport, such as cars, tractors and planes.

Hassan's mother misused drugs during pregnancy and although he will  need to be monitored, there are no concerns about his  development.

Hassan currently attends nursery twice a week and enjoys the activities and socialising with other children. He is used to hearing both English and Urdu spoken and is currently receiving some speech and language support, although his cognitive understanding is high.

Meet Layla

Hi, I’m Layla, I am six years old and my background is White British.

“I am full of beans and I enjoy playing football in the park and trying new food.”

Layla is an energetic and clever girl, full of beans. She enjoys being outside and playing football in the park. When she is not running around, she likes to watch TV, especially cartoons. Layla enjoys interacting with adults and new experiences, including trying different food.

She recently attended an activities club and was very proud when she was awarded a certificate for trying her best.

Layla has two younger sisters. All three children are currently living with the same foster carers although the plan is for Layla to be adopted separately. She enjoys being around her sisters, but has a complex relationship with them after having to parent them at home.

Her social worker says “Layla’s difficult start means she may have complex emotional needs, but we are there to help adopters understand what she has gone through and what support they might need."

Layla has been going to the same school for two years. She sometimes lacks confidence but has settled well into Year 1 and her teachers report that she has a good group of friends although her early life experiences mean that she likes to be in control which can lead to conflict. Her foster carers say, “Layla is learning to let go and she responds well to routine and structures that help her to feel safe and loved”.

Meet Aymee and Joshua

Hi, we are Aymee, a five-year-old girl and Joshua, a two-year-old boy. We are of Black Caribbean heritage.

“I enjoy being a big sister, reading, arts and crafts. My brother Joshua is two and his favourite food is macaroni cheese.”

Aymee is a very caring child who puts others’ feelings and needs above her own. She is very imaginative and loves to read. Her foster carer says: “She often picks books with strong female characters”.

She also loves arts and crafts and baking with her foster carer. Her favourite thing to make is chocolate Rice Krispies cakes.

Aymee is keen to do things, such as dressing, by herself. At school, she plays happily with a large group of friends but can get upset if she thinks they are not being kind.

Joshua’s social worker describes him as a “quiet little boy, with a cheeky  smile”. He is very affectionate and enjoys cuddles. He is happiest when his sister is around to play peek-a-boo with him. He enjoys his food, with his favourites being macaroni cheese, raisins, and pancakes. He likes bath time, and enjoys a story and a cuddle before bed. His favourite toys are cars and building blocks.

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