Brothers and sisters are stronger together than apart

Did you know almost half the children waiting for adoption need to be placed with their brothers and sisters?

Find out why giving siblings a permanent, loving home could be the best thing you'll ever do.

The majority of sibling groups are two children who want to stay together. While adopting a sibling group has its challenges, as with adopting any child, read on to find out if it could be the right path for you.

Adopting siblings means you have a ready-made family. The decision to adopt is often borne out of a deep-seated desire to create or expand your family. Sometimes, adopters feel they would like to give their adopted child a brother or sister. So, if you are planning to adopt more than one child, adopting siblings means you only need to go through the process once. 

When you adopt siblings you create a family unit quickly, which means you can put a lot of energy into building your new family at once rather than in stages. 

Adopting a sibling group can help adopted children settle into their new homes, as well as ensuring they have someone to share the experience with. Research indicates that it is often better that siblings stay together as separation can result in further traumatic experiences and anxiety.

Did you know that practical and financial help can be available? This could include help with buying a larger car, help with housework or furniture.

Children learn social skills like sharing and caring for each other from being part of a sibling group. Growing up with brothers and sisters teaches us to give and take. And that doesn’t just mean stuff. It’s all about sharing our emotions too. Keeping siblings together can help them with their development. 


For most people their relationships with their brothers and sisters are the longest lasting relationship they will have. Brothers and sisters have a shared story, which can give them the strength to support each other throughout their lives. Could you help to safeguard that for children awaiting adoption?

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