Will you help a child in need of a safe, loving home?

Find out how adoptive parents, Helen and Steve, helped Danny feel safe again

Will you help a child in need of a safe, loving home?

Born into a chaotic and abusive family, Danny was frightened all the time - until we settled him with caring adoptive parents Helen and Steve

"When Danny first began living with us, he seemed to settle in well.  But then, a few months later, something changed.

"It was in the run up to Christmas that Danny suddenly became withdrawn, fearful and full of anger. After a lot of reassurance, he eventually felt safe enough to open up to me about how he’d suffered sexual abuse by a relative who visited every December. Christmas, which should have been a time of excitement and fun, was an ordeal he had come to dread.

"Once we realised the experiences Danny was trying to process, we contacted Coram straight away for advice – and a Coram social worker was able to help. 

Coram was a tower of strength. Our social worker spent a lot of time with Danny, talking about his life so far and helping him make sense of things. Over time, he was able to let go of the past, and trust that he would be safe and cared for as a child should be, in our family.

Could you adopt?

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