They'll always have each other

Read how adopting siblings Lily and Laura has brought fun and laughter into one couple's lives

They'll always have each other

Kirsty and Alex are a married couple living in London with two adopted children – Lily, seven and Laura, four

Kirsty had heard about Coram through someone she met at work, and the couple decided to get in touch. Now, Lily and Laura have been with the couple for just over two years, and are both at school. Kirsty says:

“They fight, of course, but also they help each other out. They are true friends. We feel as if Laura, even though she is younger, is helping Lily to make up for the years when life was too chaotic to play by initiating intense playtime and games. It gives us such pleasure to witness this; it is a real gift that a sibling partnership can give to each other that possibly no therapy could match.

“Lily and Laura have enriched and enlightened our lives. We are proud of them as our children but also as individuals, they are incredible people. It feels like fate, that they are supposed to be with us. We took to each other immediately, our personalities are similar, and we enjoy doing the activities that they enjoy too.

Our girls are a real team. Of course they can be hard work but they are strong together, there is a lot of fun and laughter in our house which is a pleasure to be around.

"And selfishly, should we decide to have a lazy weekend at home we never worry about their day not being fulfilled as they always find something to do. Being together means they’ll always have each other, they’ll have a sense of identity – and it’s double the fun for us!”

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