Services if you were formerly in the care of the Thomas Coram Foundation and descendants

If you were formerly in the care of the Thomas Coram Foundation and would like to access your own records, please contact the Adoption Support Team directly on [email protected] or 020 7520 0383.

There is no charge for this service for former pupils and for those who were formerly in Coram’s care

Descendants of someone in the care of the Foundling Hospital

If you are a descendant of someone who was in the care of the Foundling Hospital, we are willing to provide information from our records, with consent from the nearest surviving descendant for a charge.

Coram does not have a legal obligation to provide family history information to relatives and descendants of those formerly in its care. However, we acknowledge that lives may have been significantly affected by separation and loss and we have a unique set of records that may contain information about families of origin which is not otherwise available.

There is a charge of £75 for a package of information. If this cost prevents you from accessing the records please let us know

Privacy information

Information will be processed in accordance with Data Protection regulations and personal information about third parties who may still be living cannot be disclosed.

Subject to availability this will include:

  1. admission details and application form
  2. summary of circumstances of the birth parents/s
  3. setails of any foster home and dates of attendance at school
  4. summary of any medical information held (this is likely to be very limited)
  5. leaving report and employment
  6. information about the life at the Foundling Hospital School and any appropriate photographs*.

*Please note that although we have a number of photographs of groups of children, very few are named individually.

To apply for this information please complete the form below and return it to [email protected]

Part A of the attached form should be completed by the applicant or the next of kin

Part B should be completed with as much information as possible about the deceased, as this will enable us to check our records thoroughly.

Download the form here

Data Protection Act 2018

Any data we collect keep and store about you is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 this will be recorded in order for us to provide you with a service and managed in line with Coram’s retention policy. For further information please see the privacy notice on the Coram website.