How adoption can make a little girl's world magical

Single adopter Angela describes how Coram helped her cope with her adopted daughter's emotions

How adoption can make a little girl's world magical

“Martha had been in several foster homes when she came to live with me and had never had an adult to rely on

“She had times of extreme anger where she would get aggressive and hit me. She would bang on the door if I tried to keep her in the room to calm down and I would worry that she’d hurt herself.

“It took time to break the pattern. Our Coram social worker explained that she was going through powerful emotions that she couldn’t recognise or understand.

“Through encouraging Martha to talk about her feelings and praising positive behaviours, things improved.

“I’d say, ‘how are you really feeling?’ and help her identify her emotions. Coram gave me tips, like giving her a cushion to hit if she really needed to let the things out.“The help and support have been amazing.

I remember Martha was getting her hair braided one day, and she was calling ‘Mum! Mum!’ Someone said: ‘Your daughter’s calling you,’ and I looked over. It’s a surprise when one day you’re suddenly the mum of a five year-old!

“These days Martha is doing well at school and has ballet and swimming lessons, which are helping with some mobility problems she had when she was in care. She likes animals and her new grandma has taken her horseriding.

“I think Martha summed it up best when she said: ‘Mummy, I think there’s an invisible thread between us, you always know what I’m feeling and I always know what you’re feeling, even when we don’t say anything. I think it’s magic.’”

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