About adoption

There are many children waiting to find the right loving family.

Mum holding up a baby in a red dressAt Coram, we are committed to finding them loving and supportive homes where they will feel happy and loved.

We work with you towards being approved as an adoptive parent and to match you with a child in need of a permanent, loving home.

Adoption transfers all legal rights and responsibilities for the child from the birth parents to you, so you will make all the decisions that go with being a parent. It is a rewarding and lifelong commitment to provide a child with a new family and a safe, secure future.

Help and support is available from us, as and when you need it, throughout the adoption process and beyond.

"I adopted my beautiful son, now an adult, through Coram. He has brought immeasurable richness to my life, and I hope I have done a little of the same for him. All children need a chance in life." - Jane, Coram adopter

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Coram is based in London, with a geographical reach across Greater London and parts of Kent, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and beyond. 

 Ambitous for Adoption in London and the surrounding areas 

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