Exploring modern adoption

Adoption can be challenging but if it’s worth it for the children, then everyone’s effort is worthwhile.

This National Adoption week, we are championing stories from all those involved in the adoption process; adopted children, adopted adults, adoptive parents, birth families, social workers and family members who watched loved ones go through the process .

Adoption can be a complex and challenging journey, often evoking feelings of loss and trauma for both adopted children and adoptive parents, which requires resilience and emotional strength from all those involved in the process. Read adopter Rita's story below, to find out how she navigated the challenges. 

Read adopter Rita's story 

Feeling able to talk about the past and present is an important factor for those who have been adopted; being open to answering questions and finding out answers together can help strengthen relationships, as they begin to understand and make sense of who they are. Through the process of adoption, a child may lose key significant relationships with important people in their lives, including links to school friends, familiar people and places. They will need help to understand why and to talk about these losses .

"There wasn't anyone I knew in my school who had been adopted, none of my friends, no one really understood it. I've gained skills from being adopted: I'm an empath. I understand that people come from very different backgrounds and don't judge people superficially."

- Dawn, an adopted adult who features on a #YOUCANADOPT podcast with Joy Carter

Read adopted child Anthony's story

For support and information for parents at all stages of the adoption journey, Adoption UK is holding a series of events during National Adoption Week, including webinars and 1-1 advice surgeries for adoptive parents and a behind the scenes look at adoption for prospective adopters.