Supporting you to adopt

Our friendly staff are here to support you during the adoption process, and for as long afterwards as you require.

We work to ensure the future stability and happiness of all our adoptive families. Watch our short film about supporting you to adopt.

Reproduction by third parties is strictly forbidden. Please contact our Press Office with enquiries and details of our transcript.

What kind of support can you expect?

  • Social workers who will work with you towards becoming adoptive parents

  • Adoption information events so you can be more informed adoption

  • Specialist training to prepare you for adoption

  • Support during the period when you are getting to know the child 

  • Help with settling in and becoming a family

Securing your future

Our experience shows that adoptive families may need support at different times over the years. That's why, as well as support during the adoption process, we offer our adoptive families support after adoption for as long as it's needed.

Find out more about our support after adoption.