Our adoption stories

What is it like to adopt? How will I find being an adoptive parent? What will my new family be like?

There's nothing like hearing it from people with real experience. That's why we’ve gathered together some of your adopter stories, so you can discover first-hand accounts of people like you who have completed their families with Coram. 

All our stories are real but some names and identities have been changed to protect anonymity. Photographs are posed by models.

  • Ben and Adam’s story

    The couple say that the adoption training from Coram was “really helpful and practical” and that they also felt prepared for the more challenging moments throughout the process.

  • Connor and Dan’s story

    The couple adopted their son Harry, now aged nine, through their local authority, in 2013.

  • Rebecca and Andy’s story

    Rebecca and Andy, both aged 46, adopted siblings Ellie and Freya two years ago when they were aged 6½ and 3½.

  • Monica

    Monica’s story

    Monica, aged 45, is a single adopter who lives in North London with her two daughters, Ella, aged 9 and Maya, aged 8, adopted in 2013.

  • A basket of children's toys

    How can you repair a baby's loss?

    “When Coram contacted us about a baby boy who had come into care at birth, we felt very strongly that we wanted to care for this baby

  • James and Liam

    Our lives have changed in every way!

    Coram has been working with LGBT adopters for many years and has one of the highest adoption success rates in the UK.

  • Sophie and Jordan

    Sophie’s story

    Sophie, 55, is a single adopter who lives in North London with her 16 year old son, Jordan, who she adopted at the age of seven in 2011.

  • Messy kids' room

    Veronica and David become parents

    As black adoptive parents, Veronica and David felt it was important to adopt a child of African or Caribbean descent

  • Dear Mum, you're Number One

    We need a variety of adoptive parents, including single parent adopters such as Danielle, who can offer a child love and support throughout childhood and beyond.

  • Child playing with truck toy

    We felt he was the right child for us

    Since Paul and Mark adopted Stephen through Coram, the cheeky six-year-old's attachment to them has grown