Covid-19 adoption support packages

We are delighted to offer a range of new and adapted services to support families during the Covid-19 outbreak. We understand that during lockdown and other restrictions on everyday life, many parents, carers and children are feeling the strain.

These services have been made possible by the Adoption Support Fund (ASF), which has made extra therapeutic support available outside of the usual ASF application process in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

These support packages are designed to help parents and carers reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on their family life, offering practical steps to cope better and become more resilient now and in the future.

All these packages are available to:

  • Coram approved adopters and families
  • Adopters approved by, or living in, one of the following local authorities (must be eligible for support):
    • Harrow
    • Hillingdon
    • Waltham Forest
    • Redbridge
    • Bromley
    • Kensington & Chelsea
    • Westminster
    • City of London
    • Slough Children’s Trust

The Covid-19 support packages have limited availability, but we hope as many parents and carers as possible will be able to benefit from this targeted support.

Parents and carers can of course continue to make of use the Adoption Support Fund in the usual way through contact with their local service or agency.

Adopter hub

The adopter hub provides adopters with online access to peer support and experienced practitioners to help reduce isolation. The support includes webinars on staying positive whilst home schooling, home schooling children with additional behavioural needs, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, single adopters during pandemic, and adult mental health. 

If you are interested in accessing the adopter hub contact [email protected] 

Therapeutic support

Virtual creative therapy

Our Virtual Creative Therapy includes 8 sessions of music, art, or therapeutic parenting interventions, adapted to meet immediate needs of children, carers and parents. This will include pre and post therapy consultations. See our leaflet for more information.
If you're interested please email [email protected] for a referral form.
Brief therapy
We are offering support for parents and carers, individual or couples coming out of lockdown and dealing with family, couple and child issues in a supportive therapeutic and confidential environment. This will take place online and will consist of 8 sessions. See our leaflet for more information.
If you're interested please email [email protected] for a referral form.