Support for your adopted children

Our adoption support for your adopted children allows them to explore their identity in a safe way while developing confidence as they grow

Happy children enjoying water playFrom our more than 40 years' experience working with adoptive families, we know that adoption can have a lasting impact on children and young people. That's why we offer tailored support for as long as they need. 

Our adoption support for children and young people includes:

  • therapeutic support including art  and music therapy, mentalisation-based therapy and other psychological help

  • a crèche while you attend our parenting skills' groups

  • peer support groups in the East Midlands consisting of four different-age groups who meet three times a year as well as going on camp and day trips 

  • The Adoptables (13+ years) - our amazing peer network of adopted young people who support each other, act as national ambassadors for adoption and participate in the creation of resources for schools to help adopted children be better supported and included in the classroom. 

Legal and education support for children through Coram group charities

We also offer a range of legal and educational support for your children through our children's rights and education charities. Visit the Coram group website to find out more.

Birth records

As part of our life-long support, Coram offers birth records counselling to:

  • former pupils of the Foundling Hospital and their descendants
  • those who grew up in the care of the Thomas Coram Foundation as foster children
  • adults previously in the Foundation’s care as children but later adopted by their foster parents. 
  • adults placed for adoption as children through Coram or Adopt Anglia (including Cambridge Association for Social Welfare). 

If this sounds like you and you would like more information, please contact us on 020 7520 0383 or at [email protected] 

More information

Find out about our adoption support for parents

Coram has downloadable Guides to our adoption services for Adopted Children and Young People, choose and download the right guide for you: Guides for Adopted Children and Young People