Concurrent Planning stories

What is Concurrent Planning like? Am I emotionally resilient enough to cope with the risk? Will the baby be too damaged to form a bond? 

White mum holding up baby girlWe've brought together some of the experiences of Coram Concurrent Planning carers to help you understand what is involved and decide whether it might be right for you.

All our stories are real but names and identities have been changed to protect anonymity. Photographs are posed by models. 

1. How adoption can help a newborn baby

Read baby Billy's story

2. How adoption helped repair a baby's loss

Read baby Ashan's story

3. How we took a risk to help a baby after a difficult start

Read baby Evan's story

4. How we gave a baby love at an uncertain time

Read baby Lily's story

5. How adoption can help turn a baby's life around

Read baby William's story

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