Real adoption stories

What is it like to adopt? How will I find being an adoptive parent? What will my new family be like?

There's nothing like hearing it from the people who have been there. That's why we’ve gathered together some of our adopter stories, so you can listen to the first-hand experiences of people like you who have adopted. All our stories are real but some names and identities have been changed to protect anonymity. Photographs are posed by models.

  • They'll always have each other

    Kirsty and Alex are a married couple living in London with two adopted children – Lily, 7 and Laura, 4.

  • How do you protect a special bond between siblings?

    “We started fostering Megan when she was just one week old. Her older brother David had also been taken into care and was living in a foster home nearby.

  • Can same-sex couples adopt?

    Two mums, Maire & Winnie, share the story of how they adopted their sons through Coram.

  • Will adopted siblings find a home together?

    “We adopted three children under seven, two girls and a boy. They had experienced many disruptions in their lives when they came to us, living in care in two different foster homes. They had been waiting for a permanent family for a long time.

  • Dear Mum, you're Number One

    We need a variety of adoptive parents, including single parent adopters such as Pamela, who can offer a child love and support throughout childhood and beyond. In turn, Coram offers a lifetime of support to your family.

  • Can you adopt more than once?

    Rob and Carol adopted two children through Coram. Watch their adoption story to find out how Coram supported them through both adoptions.

  • How can you repair a baby's loss?

    “When Coram contacted us about a baby boy who had come into care at birth, we felt very strongly that we wanted to care for this baby.

  • Can single people adopt?

    Single mum Suzanne describes her experiencing adopting a little girl through Coram and the joy becoming an adoptive mum has brought her.

  • Could you give a baby love and security at an uncertain time?

    “Lily came to me to foster under the concurrent planning scheme direct from the hospital when she was a tiny baby of five days. Her mother struggled with drink and substance misuse problems and was in prison for the last six months of her pregnancy and after the birth.

  • Is a risk worth it with a baby?

    “Evan came to us when he was just a few days old. His parents’ mental health problems meant that they couldn’t look after him.