Why adopters choose Coram

Coram runs one of the largest and most well respected independent adoption services in the UK.

Happy dad giving his daughter a piggy back in the streetIn 2014-2015 we placed more children for adoption, directly and through our partnerships with local authorities, than any other agency.

Our experience

We have been helping children find new parents for more than 40 years and are proud of the sensitive and professional service we offer adopters and children. Many of our staff have been with us for a long time, including Jeanne Kaniuk OBE, who has been Head of Coram's Adoption and Permanent Families Service since 1980. 

Helping you to adopt

We work with you towards becoming adoptive parents, and are there for you throughout the process. Once you are approved to adopt we will find a child who is a good match for your family. We collaborate with local authorities to help locate the right child and also the National Adoption Register, so we know about children outside the areas where we work.

In addition, Coram's acclaimed Concurrent Planning service places babies with families who may go on to adopt them. The scheme avoids disruption for the babies involved and helps bonding with the adoptive family start sooner. Discover whether you could adopt a baby through Coram's Concurrent Planning here.

Support for as long as you need us

At Coram, we believe that becoming a family is not the end of the story. We recognise that adoptive families and their children may need support of different kinds as their children grow. We offer a range of support services after adoption, such as specially adapted parenting skills training, social events for adoptive families and support groups for adopters.

What adoptive parents say about Coram

We are proud of our outstanding Ofsted reports. But we know it's not all about reports. Our adopters rate our service highly. In a recent survey*

  • 93% of Coram adopters rated our quality of service as ‘Very Good’ or ‘Good’ 
  • Coram scored 94% for overall satisfaction

*Source: CVAA 2014 Survey of Coram Adopters, 5 Feb 2015

I have adopted two beautiful boys through Coram. With their help our boys have a safe, secure, loving home and my husband and I can pour our all the love we have stored up on our boys. Thank you Coram. - Anya, Coram adopter

To find out more about what our adopters say about Coram browse our Adoption Stories for real life stories and heartwarming videos.

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